Jaguar Driver Performs Incredible James Bond-Style The Man With The Golden Gun Mid-Air Corkscrew Stunt


 A stunt driver evokes James Bond as he performs a death-defying mid air corkscrew that appears to be straight out of The Man with the Golden Gun.

Terry Grant realised a childhood dream and set a new Guinness World Record by completing a high speed barrel roll in the new Jaguar E-Pac.

Grant took inspiration from Roger Moore’s famous twist in the classic The Man with the Golden Gun, to turn 270 degrees in the air over a distance of 15.3 metres in the car.

He experienced 5G’s of acceleration to perform the impressive barrel roll.

Guinness World Records adjudicators at London’s ExCel centre later presented the certificate to Grant as he guided the E-Pace over the jump, as part of the car’s unveiling.

Multiple record-holder Grant revealed it has always been a dream of his to complete the jump. He now holds the record for the furthest barrel roll in a production vehicle.



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