James Cameron Being A Third Wheel On The Set Of ‘Titanic’ Was Too Perfect Not To Photoshop

The internet sure does love to Photoshop things — just ask the Belgium dude who Photoshops himself into photos of celebrities. Or ask the people who took a photo of a guy passed out at a party and photoshopped him to perfection. And even old photos aren’t safe, and that’s why this photo of James Cameron admiring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet embracing on the set of Titanic was going to get photoshopped eventually. And it did.

Sure, this photo was taken in 1997, but since it has been 20 years and technology has been good to us, of course this photo was going to come up again so that the lovely folks of the internet could have some fun with it. Cameron might have thought he was “king of the world,” but it sure doesn’t look like it in this photo.

Take a look at the original photo below.

Man, reminds me of me in high school (and me today).

Well, let’s take a look at what the internet did to this photo takes to Reddit.

James’ Fantasy

“Now it’s my turn.”

Leo Is Flexible

And now James is extremely happy.

Look Out John Conner!

The T-800 sure doesn’t give up.

John To The Rescue

“I got you, James.”

What A Mashup

Or this is just the new Avatar sequel.

James’ Peep-Show

That is not what a director does, James.

Joe’s Vacation

Now we know what Joe Biden will be up to after he leaves the White House.

A Front Row Seat

No James, he’s actually the king of the world.

George’s Take

George isn’t the best of buds with James.

There Was Room

Damn you, Rose. You killed two guys.

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