Japanese Artisan Creates Realistic Animal Sculptures You Can Actually Eat

But they are so beautiful, you won’t want to….

26-year-old Shinri Tezuka is reviving an ancient Japanese tradition known as Amezukai—the art of creating handmade candy.

Source: facebook.com
This traditional craft of exquisite lollipop-making was practiced by artisans in the 8th century as a way to gift small treats to one another.

Tezuka owns a small shop called Ameshin, where he carefully creates his Amezukai lollipops that look like realistic animals.

Source: curazy.com
Though the ingredients are typically only sugary syrup, starch, and some organic food dye, the artist uses multiple tools to create his delightful confectionary.

Amezukai artisans are known to use tweezers and scissor in addition to their hands for sculpting their artistic candies. Paintbrushes are also used to apply edible coloring.

Each piece of candy Tezuka creates is a unique, edible sculpture that sells for 1,000 to 2,000 yen (about $8 to $17).

In addition to creating and selling his beautifully crafted sweets, Tezuka holds workshops in his store.

For more of Tezuka’s beautiful lollipops, check out Ameshin’s website, Facebook, andInstagram.


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