Jared Fogle’s Ex-Wife Sues Subway, Alleges They Covered Up His Pedophilia

Jared Fogle’s Ex-Wife Sues Subway, Alleges They Covered Up His Pedophilia


Jared Fogle may be serving his 15-year-sentence in federal prison on child porn charges, but that doesn’t mean that the legal action regarding his years of soliciting minors for sex has ended. The former Subway spokesman’s ex-wife, Kathleen “Katie” McLaughlin, filed a lawsuit against the sandwich chain, alleging that the company knew that its pitchman was a pedophile and had covered it up.

According to TMZ, McLaughlin alleged a senior executive at Subway received a complaint that Fogle propositioned a young girl for sex at a 2004 promotional event in Las Vegas. RadarOnline reported that his former employer approached him about the allegation, but didn’t bother to ask the child what happened. “A responsible corporation would take immediate action when hearing of this behavior,” said McLaughlin, who married Fogle in 2010.

McLaughlin’s lawsuit was prompted by a 2015 Subway commercial in which Fogle’s then-wife and their two children were animated to promote a “family man” portrait of Fogle. She also claimed that she never would have married Fogle had Subway gone public with his disturbing and criminal habits when the company first learned about them 12 years ago.

There were other alleged instances of Subway dismissing reports that its pitchman was a sexual predator. According to New York Daily News, former Subway CEO Jeff Moody was warned by a franchise owner about Fogle’s behavior but shut the woman down under the guise that he wouldn’t be a problem anymore because Fogle “has met someone,” meaning his ex-wife.

Subway did already cop to not investigating a serious complaint about Fogle’s predatory behavior in 2011. McLaughlin accused the sandwich chain of profiting off its former pitchman while willfully ignoring complaints about Fogle’s pedophilia, including sending the spokesman on promotional visits to schools.


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