Jay Z Filmed An Interview While Women Have Sex Next To Him [NSFW]


Back in the 90s, Jay Z was filmed being interviewed while two women had sex right next to him.

Today we know Jay Z as one half of a slick power couple and the head of one of the most Instagram friendly families on earth.

However, back in the day he got up to some pretty crazy stuff…

Lukes Freak Show

Way back in 1997, a then 28-year-old Jay Z appeared to be interviewed on an episode of the rude and raunchy Luke’s FreakShow, an adult film series hosted by Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell.

In this vintage footage, Jay Z can be seen stumbling through his words and smiling nervously as he struggles through the interview.

Luke’s Freak Show

It is clear that the future rumoured billionaire is taken aback as the two nude women beside him begin performing oral sex on each other.

Uncle Luke remains fairly nonchalant as he swigs whiskey from the bottle and addresses the girls directly…

Its fair to say that both Jay Z and the nature of hip hop has a whole has changed in the years since.

Uncle Luke’s Freak Show

Back in 2014, Alex Young from Consequence of Sound noted how we have very different ideas in the 21st century as to how hip hop stars should act:

It also says a lot about how far we’ve come in just 15 years: many argue that hip-hop is still hypersexualized, but if a rapper like Kendrick Lamar or ASAP Rocky appeared in something like this today, the blowback would be intense and their career probably derailed. film series hosted by former mayoral candidate and 2 Live Crew member Luther Campbell.


The footage itself can still be found knocking around… WE CAN’T SHOW IT HERE BUT A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME YOU CAN FIND IT HERE:




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