Jealous Idiot Sets Strip Club On Fire To Keep Girlfriend From Dancing There

Jealous Idiot Sets Strip Club On Fire To Keep Girlfriend From Dancing There

If you’re dating a guy who can’t handle the fact that you’re a stripper then that is probably not the guy for you. And if you’re dating a guy who sets fire to the strip club you work at then he’s definitely not the guy for you.

Creio Chance Bishop, a 21-year-old man from West Virginia, was recently arrested and charged with second-degree arson after he decided to try and burn down JB’s Gentlemen’s Club in Huntington. And why the hell did he do this? To keep his girlfriend, McKayla Biedenbach, from continuing to perform at the strip club. Oh boy.

The fire kicked off at 3:30 AM and damaged the club’s front door, surveillance camera, siding, exterior wall and air conditioner. Hell, according to investigators, Bishop watched the fire burn from across the street and even yelled at a passerby to mind their own business when they began calling 911. This tool was eventually caught by police in the parking lot of a Walmart across from JB’s.


According to Jim Reed, the strip club’s manager, Bidenbach had worked at JB’s for six months, although now she might be let go if Bishop makes bail because he doesn’t want to risk keeping her around. Reed also had this to say to WSAZ.

“He might do this again. It might be worse next time. It’s stupid. She’s trying to make a living for herself. He’s not doing nothing. She’s paying the bills, from what I understand.”

So he’s nuts and a loser. Makes sense. Fortunately no one was injured in the incident.



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