Jeb! Bush: Tragic Victim Of Bad Photoshop

A mailer was sent out to Iowa voters from the Right to Rise Super Pac featuring a nice photo of Jeb! Bush hanging out in Cedar Rapids. The only problems are that Jeb! appears to have been placed in front of a stock image of Cedar Rapids and OH MY GOD WHY IS HIS LEFT HAND BLACK!?

The most logical explanation is that since federal law forbids super PACs from coordinating with campaigns, Right to Rise had no choice but to create a completely fake image of Jeb! in Iowa. I, however, am holding out hope that Jeb! was in a terrible accident that was kept quiet and is actually the recipient of the very first successful human arm transplant. That’s not to say I hope some terrible tragedy has befallen Jeb! I just think this would be a huge step forward for science.

Jeb! Bush: Tragic victim of bad photoshop


2 replies on “Jeb! Bush: Tragic Victim Of Bad Photoshop”

That’s his fap hand. “Once you go black, you can’t go back.”

No, that’s his George Jr. puppet hand. He just hasn’t washed it yet.

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