Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Most Surprising Sex Secret



Never have I ever is one of those games that always seems to extract unknown truths, even about the people who you thought you knew the best.

Jennifer Aniston revealed how she had joined the mile high club to Ellen Degeneres last night.

That was only beginning! With each of Ellen’s cheeky questions, Jen claimed her kinky experience and proudly owned the fact that she had slept with the pilot of the plane…in the cockpit!

I’m just jealous that I don’t have a better sex secret…

And then, to trump all sex stories, she says that the co-pilot was involved as well!

After watching the video, I just asked myself…’did Jennifer Aniston have a threesome in the cockpit of a plane?’


As far as I can tell she is being serious, but of course, she could just be playing up to the game….either way, she owned it.

I think she beat everyone with this one. I challenge you to tell a more impressive sex story.

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