Jilted Lover Castrates Man After He Tells Her He’s Marrying Someone Else


An Indian woman cut off her boyfriend’s penis with a gardening tool and then ran down the street with it after he told her he was marrying someone else.

She first lured him to her home under the pretence of having sex, but after blindfolding the 23-year-old, she grabbed a sickle and chopped off his manhood.

His horrified parents raced him to hospital when they found him writhing in agony in his bedroom after he managed to stumble back. However, doctors were unable to reattach his penis to his body.

A police officer said: “He told doctors he cut his privates on his own.”

The unnamed couple had been going out for around four years and the victim tried covering for her by claiming he had chopped it off himself. But police have since uncovered the truth.

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Kotwali police chief Anil Upadhya said: “A case of attempted murder is being registered against a 20-year-old girl who is a neighbour of the victim.

“They loved each other but the boy’s marriage was fixed with some other girl as both their parents had some caste issue.

“It is due to this that the girl executed the act, revealed our primary investigation.

“She was unhappy as the boy’s marriage was arranged with another girl of his own caste from the same village.

“The girl invited the victim to her residence and cut off his private part using a reaping hook under the pretext of having a physical relation.”

She has been arrested and faces an attempted murder.

The man, who had returned home just 10 days earlier after working in Mumbai, is recovering in Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Rewa.


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A man chopped off his own genitals with a kitchen knife after claiming his wife hadn’t slept with him for over a decade.

Ghasi Ram, 37, from India, came home drunk and started pestering his wife Manjhri Devi, 34, for sex. When she turned him down, for what I have to imagine was at least the thousandth time, he decided enough was enough, so took some pretty drastic action.

In a fit of rage, he ran to the kitchen and stormed out with a knife in hand and before Manjhri could understand what was happening, he sliced off his manhood and collapsed on the floor.

Panicked, the woman shouted for help from neighbours who then called their village doctor for preliminary treatment.

I suppose Ghasi is best equipped to explain what was going through his mind and luckily he agreed to be in this video to discuss the whole situation…

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To be fair I’m not surprised he’s not too keen on talking about it.