Jobless Mother Spent $40,000 Of Child Benefits On Cosmetic Surgery

Jobless mother has spent £20,000 of child benefits on cosmetic surgeryAndrea displaying the results of her latest cosmetic surgeries(Picture: Facebook)

A jobless mother and grandmother has spend $40,000 worth of child benefits money on various plastic surgery procedures.

Andrea Dalzell, 48, has been saving child benefits (which amount to $30 a week) since 2003 to pay for her many operations.

Most recently she travelled to Budapest in Hungary where doctors offer cosmetic surgery at lower prices, spending $7000 on the trip.

Andrea, from Cumbria, has four children, however she puts her ability to save money down to her thrifty lifestyle.

She says she only eats one meal a day and doesn’t drink, yet telling the Sun her ‘kids have never wanted for anything’.

A jobless mum of four who is spending £20,000 of child benefits on plastic surgery has been blasted for exploiting taxpayersAndrea with her daughters Sophie (centre) and Martyne (Picture: Facebook)

Andrea said of her operations: ‘I have always known I would have surgery, having wrinkles and bags and going grey just isn’t me.’

The $7000 spent in Budapest included flights and accommodation – whereas the surgeries alone would have set her back and estimated $20,000 in the UK.

However Andrea’s spending has been met with criticism from the The Taxpayers’ Alliance.

Jonathan Isaby, chief executive of the organisation which campaigns for reformed taxes and protecting taxpayers said: ‘Taxpayers will be livid at what looks like a total abuse of the system.

‘Benefit payments are supposed to be used as a safety net for the most vulnerable, not as a fund for cosmetic surgery.

‘With finances so tight, benefits must only go to those who really need them.’

One of Andrea’s daughters, 22-year-old Sophie, came to attention last year when it was reported that she missed probation meeting because she was having breast implants.

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It’s not helping much is it? She doesn’t look great for 48, and what the fuck is going on with those eyebrows? BTW- if she saved her child benefit for this it might be worth pointing out that every family earning under about 42k gets it for each child under 16, or eighteen if still in school.

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