Judge In Australia Rules Boss ‘Farting On Employee’ Isn’t Bullying –

Reason for leaving your previous job? Oh, you know, my boss just enjoyed farting on me.

And that’s essentially the situation David Hinsgt found himself in when he sued his former employer Construction Engineering, claiming that his supervisor, Greg Short would regularly fart in front of him and on him. Yes, that’s a real lawsuit.

Hingst took a $1.2 million compensation case to court, saying that his supervisor had bullied him and then he was unfairly dismissed. But what did Short had to say about it? Well, this:

“Look, I don’t recall doing it, but I may have done it once or twice, maybe. I don’t recall doing so, so I’m not flat out saying I didn’t or I did. I just can’t remember doing it.”

If I farted on anyone, you better believe I’m going to remember it. Those are things you don’t forget. Kind of like the time I ran into a glass door. See? I haven’t forgotten that.


After considering the compensation claim, reports that Justice Rita Zammit has now dismissed the case, ruling that even if the farting occurred it “would not necessarily amount to bullying.” Phillip Hamilton, another former employee, said he had witnessed Mr Short farting but didn’t take offense:

“But then obviously realizing it was [Mr Hingst] being [of] German descent, whereas us Australians are sort of brought up you sort of accept it or think oh it’s just — that’s what happens. But [Mr Hingst] was always quite often offended when that happened.”

Wait, does no one find an issue with this?

Hingst also claimed that he was excluded from social events, insulted and even called an “idiot poofter.” Whatever the hell that is. But Judge Zammit didn’t buy it as she believes Hingst made it up to get revenge after losing his job, and that he would not have been distressed by the farting if his contract hadn’t been terminated.