Judge Orders Aurora Shooting Survivors To Pay Cinemark $700,000

Judge Orders Aurora Shooting Survivors To Pay Cinemark $700,000


The hashtag #BoycottCinemark is back, and for good reason: A judge has actually ordered four survivors of the 2012 Aurora movie theater massacre to pay Cinemark’s $700,000 legal bill, after ruling in the corporation’s favor in a suit holding the chain partly liable for the shooting. Keep in mind, Cinemark is the third-largest theater chain in the United States (and the largest in Brazil), with revenues befitting its size.


According to court documents, Cinemark needs that money to pay for the cost of evidence, records, travel and other expenses incurred while defeating the court case, which alleged Cinemark’s lack of security was partly at fault for the massacre.

“Theaters aren’t any safer,” wounded victim Marcus Weaver told the Los Angeles Times. “It’s almost like everything was for naught.” Cinemark will not have to implement any new security measures to improve safety



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Yes, that’s how litigation works. It’s the American Way. Booyah!

The “vote” in your wallet carries more weight than your vote at the ballot box.

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