Judge Rules Woman ‘Too Drunk To Consent’

Judge Rules Woman ‘Too Drunk To Consent’


After a four-day trial last month, Justice Mara Greene of the Ontario Court of Justice handed down her decision yesterday. The judge ruled the complainant, known only as K.S., was so intoxicated she lacked the capacity to consent to sex. Judge Greene found Moazzam Tariq, 29, guilty of sexual assault.

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If be cool with this, as long as men can be ruled to drunk to consent to sex or be accountable for their actions.

This sets a terrifying precedent. How much you drink is your own damned responsibility. This opens a door for anyone to drink themselves into a stupor, wake up next to someone and regret that they spent the night, and bam, Chad has a criminal record.

It’s only terrifying if you are in the habit of preying on people who have been foolish enough to get stupified drunk in public. Have you ever been really drunk, even as a youngster? I mean stumbling “where am I?” drunk? If so, had someone found you in that condition, poured more liquor down your throat and then, once you were passed out or near as dammit, fucked you in the arse would you wake up the next morning and think, “Wow, I guess what I am feeling is post-coital regret.”? If you find someone in a stupor it is not ok to fuck them; it’s rape. Didn’t you get that memo?

Damn right Chad has a criminal record.

Too drunk to consent is probably to drunk to perform, but, yeah, it can happen to guys too.I once had to intervene to save my mate from the depradations of the Fox and Hounds Ladies Darts Team. True story, we were about twenty and it was touch and go. Accountable for your actions? Always. There may be mitigation but, yes. But not acountable for your inactions.

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