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Junior High Substitute Hosts Fight Club Between Students In Gym

Junior High Substitute Hosts Fight Club Between Students In Gym

A video surfaced online of a bunch of students beating the hell out of each other in the school gym, which isn’t unusual to see this day and age. But what’s different about this one is that you can actually see the teacher standing by not doing a damn thing about it while these students threw haymakers at each other.

You can see the teacher on the left:


“It’s really concerning to us when you see the video,” said Arlington Police Lt. Christopher Cook. “Pretty egregious. Hard to watch as a parent.” The video of course started an investigation into the incident and had the school on full damage control.


“We certainly do not condone fighting, and it’s not a district or campus policy to allow fighting,” Leslie Johnston, an Arlington ISD spokesperson, said. They are unable to talk about what happened to the substitute teacher but you can be damn sure that he was terminated and won’t be allowed near a school for a while. The police said that the teacher might actually be hit with misdemeanor charges for failing to intervene as a caretaker.

“When you see something like that, as adults, we need to be able to at least yell out, ‘Hey, stop!’ and summon assistance,” Lt. Cook said.

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