Justin Bieber Is Refusing To Bang Another Dude


While you were sleeping the biggest diva in pop music, Justin Bieber, became an actor. He’s been offered a role in Uber Girl, a movie in the process of getting made in Hollywood, and the role he’s been offered is playing that of a self-absorbed pop star so it’s something that would actually be impossible for Justin to fuck up. However, there’s one problem, in the script there is a scene that would have Justin Bieber‘s character having man-on-man booty love and Justin’s absolutely REFUSING to get it on with another man because that’s just not how the Bieber rolls.


Richard Johnson of PageSix reports:

Justin Bieber has been offered the role of a young pop star in “Uber Girl” — a movie treatment making the rounds in Hollywood. But he wants a major rewrite.
“He won’t take the part unless the sex scene with him and one of the male backup dancers is taken out of the final script,” co-writer Pete O’Neill told me.
The coming-of-age story for millennials is represented by Lighthouse Entertainment LA with Cinema Epoch looking for a major studio to co-produce.

It’s 2016. Justin’s supposed to be woke. Everyone knows he’s hetero and has slept with women before. Yet he can’t even take the true plunge into acting and get it on with another dude. Seriously, how insecure is the Beebs?



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