Justin Bieber Sex Doll Is Seriously Disturbing

Justin Bieber Sex Doll Is Seriously Disturbing

The dawn of the sex doll is upon us, and with the rather disturbing advancements in technology, they can now look like whomever you would enjoy romancing. 

Cue: The hideous creation of a Justin Bieber sex doll.

Although the doll wasn’t actually designed with Beebs in mind, some excitable music fans Belieb its likeness is too good to ignore.

While those of us blessed with fully-functioning eyes might disagree with what is plain to see, and the dolls are selling like hot cakes.

The so-called lookalike is 160cm tall (around 5ft 2in) and available on website AliExpress, a site that sells both male and female sex dolls.

Buyers also get to choose what penis size the doll comes with for the sizeable price of £1,000.

The doll’s description says:

This sex doll is made from the most advanced medical thermoplastic elastomer material (TPE) with a full metal skeleton.

It can flexibly do all sorts of different sexy poses.

While Bieber is famed for his boyish good looks and limber dance moves, he’s not all that admired for the stuff that comes out of his mouth.

Perhaps – between forgetting the words to his own song, sending a creepy request to a woman who worked at his gym, and this odd snapchat fetish conversation –  this doll could be better than the real thing for its inability to speak, or sing for that matter.

As if it wasn’t scary enough to find out Justin Bieber music fans are more capable of psychopathy than other listeners, they now have a really creepy, objectifying way to act out their obsessive fantasies on a doll.

It’s enough to make you feel sorry for Justin Bieber, who has opened up previously about how difficult fame can be for a young person in the public eye.

To make matter worse, he’s back together with Selena Gomez, so that’ll be an utterly disturbing thought for the girlfriend of the man whose fans are trying to have relations with a doll designed to emulate him.

Meanwhile, the demand is – creepily – there.

Harriet Sugarcookie, entrepreneur, sexual health blogger and adult entertainer polled 500 men as part of an extensive report on AI sex robots, and found out which celebrities they thought would be the most popular sex doll of the Hollywood elite.

Harriet found Selena Gomez was actually the third most popular choice, with Emilia Clarke, Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson also making the top ten.

To objectify these celebrities and boil their talents, personality, human nature and individual to a series of plastic holes is pretty grim and a total invasion of their boundaries.

The sex doll industry has caused a little controversy of late on a wider scale, with some claiming it will spark unhealthy attitudes towards sex.

Harriet added, ‘there’s no doubt that sex-robots opens up all sorts of possibilities that were just not available before’.

While sex dolls might allow some who otherwise find it difficult to conduct relationships some sexual freedom the relationships garnered can be considered troublingly one-sided.

Let’s just hope the infatuation with sex dolls and their owners doesn’t seep over into their real, human relationships.

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