On Wednesday, Justin Bieber sat down with the hosts of Cristina Boscá Live on the Spanish radio station 40 Principales to promote his upcoming album. But, while getting hit with relatively lighthearted questions from starstruck DJs, the 21-year-old began to seethe with acrimony — he might have even pouted a little — before ultimately getting up from his chair and leaving the studio without notice.

Don’t you say goodbye? The reason(s) for Bieber’s abrupt exit is not 100 percent clear, but one can gather from the line of questioning that Biebs probably felt a little infantilized and, as a result, responded in an insecure way to questions that, he felt, may have poked at his macho facade. Hosts asked whether he is of the age to drink (a mile marker in the post-pubic universe) and if he has “any woman behind the looks?” (i.e. a personal stylist), which he probably perceived as an invasion of his love life. But that may have been clarified once Boscá nudged, “You? On your own? Your look? Who’s getting dress you?” Hmm. Maybe his dad?

Granted, much of the conversation was lost in translation for the pop star whose penis was sent around the web a couple weeks back. Chalk it up to it being a rough month for the kid.

Here’s the walk-out segment of the 40 Principales interview:

Yup, it’s official – Justin got mad cause they didn’t help him clean up his mess.

NEWS REPORT …. Justin Bieber walked off the stage in Oslo, Norway, on Thursday (Oct. 29) night after performing just one song and did not return. The concert was an intimate event for 950 people and was being filmed for the late night Norwegian talk show Senkveld on channel TV2.

He had been supposed to perform five or six songs. Sing Along to Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ Lyric Video (You Know You Want To) Bieber opened his set with “Boyfriend” but got frustrated with some fans in the front while he tried to wipe water off the stage, but they interfered trying to grab the shirt he was using to do so.

A fan-shot video shows the pop star clearly frustrated, asking some young female fans, “Yo listen to me, are you listening to me? OK I’m trying to wipe the floor, give me a second yo.” Then he calls it quits, declaring, “Guys, never mind, I’m done. I’m not doing the show.”




Justin Bieber Walks Out On Interview In A Huff & Then Leaves Concert In A Rage – What Is He? A Three-Year-Old?


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