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Kanye West Made Mike Tyson Move Out of His Seat at UFC 202

Kanye West Made Mike Tyson Move Out of His Seat at UFC 202


Kanye West has repeatedly done things to make us call him a dumbass. From crazy rants, to Twitter blow-ups.

The dude is a wildcard or emotions. Last night he played the crazy ass emotion.

Because you would have to be CRAZY to tell Mike Tyson to get out of your seat for a fighting event. That is what Kanye did.

Skip Bayless, (another dumbass) Tweeted that Kanye West had told Mike Tyson to move out of his 2nd-row seat.

Picturing Kanye West telling Mike Tyson to move out his seat is amusing. Hearing that he gladly moved is the sad part. I wish he would have punched him.

The Tweet got a lot of people fired up in the replies:

“Once upon a time, a young punk ass Kanye would never have dared to tell Mike fucking Tyson to move anywhere.”

“Hope someone knocks you out. Lol”

“Once upon a time a person would sit in the right fucking seat.”

Him and Skip even became boys:

Bold move Kanye! Maybe the two of them are boys and Kanye had to sit in the seat to get his camera shot:


All of this while his wife was getting 5.8 million views on a twerking video in one day… Living the dream.

6 replies on “Kanye West Made Mike Tyson Move Out of His Seat at UFC 202”

pretty sure kanye had his entourage of security gorillas behind him

Those had better be some very badass security guards. I think Mike had just taken his evening meds and was being nice. He should have told him to go kick rocks and sat there to see what he would do… and then play it off as a joke or better yet….KO his ass.

If Mike Tyson punched Kanye West the internet would be on fire for a month. 10 million views a day easy.

The seat Tyson was in was reserved for Kanye. Kanye was very late getting to the venue. Tyson was seated there because they thought Kanye wasn’t coming.

I’m with you. I wouldn’t be asking him to do a DAMN thing!

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