Kanye West Made Mike Tyson Move Out of His Seat at UFC 202


Kanye West has repeatedly done things to make us call him a dumbass. From crazy rants, to Twitter blow-ups.

The dude is a wildcard or emotions. Last night he played the crazy ass emotion.

Because you would have to be CRAZY to tell Mike Tyson to get out of your seat for a fighting event. That is what Kanye did.

Skip Bayless, (another dumbass) Tweeted that Kanye West had told Mike Tyson to move out of his 2nd-row seat.

Picturing Kanye West telling Mike Tyson to move out his seat is amusing. Hearing that he gladly moved is the sad part. I wish he would have punched him.

The Tweet got a lot of people fired up in the replies:

“Once upon a time, a young punk ass Kanye would never have dared to tell Mike fucking Tyson to move anywhere.”

“Hope someone knocks you out. Lol”

“Once upon a time a person would sit in the right fucking seat.”

Him and Skip even became boys:

Bold move Kanye! Maybe the two of them are boys and Kanye had to sit in the seat to get his camera shot:


All of this while his wife was getting 5.8 million views on a twerking video in one day… Living the dream.

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