There are several former Hugh Hefner girlfriends who have penned memoirs equating their time living in the Playboy Mansion as low-key sexual slavery. According to an account by former girlfriend Izabella St. James, they are adult women given a 9 p.m. curfew and used to be required to participate in weekly orgies in which Hefner had unprotected sex with multiple women. Former girlfriend Holly Madison painted a similar picture of the strict rules and squalid, filthy living conditions in her memoir, “Down the Rabbit Hole.”

According to Madison’s memoir, one thing Hefner liked to do to keep his live-in girlfriends in line was play them against one other. With that in mind, Madison was forthcoming with the fact that she and former Playboy Mansion roommate and Hefner girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson never got along.

Another thing Madison admitted was that she became exceedingly depressed while living in the Mansion and often entertained thoughts of committing suicide. Madison reiterated those points in a recent People Magazine interview, and apparently the story set Wilkinson off.

How did Wilkinson handle her rage? She took to Twitter and spilled some piping hot tea over what bedroom activities were required of Madison in her role as Hefner’s “#1 girlfriend.”

Here are screenshots of the now deleted tweets Wilkinson fired off on Thursday.



Holy shit.

Some of the details align with former Playboy Mansion guest and professional poker player Jill Ann Spaulding’s accounts of what went down on orgy nights. In a self-published book, she claimed that sex nights ended with Hefner having anal sex with his main girlfriend after he took turns having unprotected sex with every other woman in the room, which could be as many as 12 women.

Still, it probably wasn’t fair of Wilkinson to slut-shame Madison for whatever she did during her time in the mansion. It sounds like Wilkinson came to that conclusion on her own based on the contrite tweet she posted after taking down the harsher ones.


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