Marilyn Stanley in a Facebook photo before the cruel attack.

A Kentucky woman is out of the hospital and speaking out for domestic violence victims after cops say her ex-boyfriend and his dog ripped her scalp off in an act of unspeakable cruelty.

It all started when Marilyn Stanley’s ex-boyfriend Zachary Gross snapped earlier this month because of a Facebook post, according to Fox 19.

“I’ve been physically changed for the rest of my life,” Stanley told the station of the Sept. 14 attack.

Marilyn Stanley in the hospital following the assault. She lost 80 percent of her scalp.

Boone County cops say that Gross assaulted Stanley for an hour in his Walton home, and then enticed his dog to attack her when she refused to drop a knife — which she was using to defend herself, Fox 19 reported.

After the dog ripped off part of Stanley’s ear and scalp, Gross made her look in the mirror and made fun of her appearance, according to the station.

Gross drove Stanley to her mother’s home — with some of her scalp in a plastic bag, Fox 19 reported.


'I couldn't believe I remained conscious the whole time,' Marilyn Stanley says.

Eighty percent of her scalp had been detached from her head, according to documents obtained by Fox 19.

“I couldn’t believe I remained conscious the whole time,” she told the station.

Stanley has undergone multiple surgeries. A GoFundMe page set up to help with her medical costs has raised nearly $12,000 as of Friday afternoon.

Gross has been charged with assault and harboring a vicious animal, according to the station. Stanley is hoping to pass along to others in abusive relationships that “there is a way out.”

“You need to get out before it gets too far,” she said. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO

Zachary Gross has been charged with assault and harboring a vicious animal.

Kentucky Man Rips Ex-Girlfriend’s Scalp Off – Has His dog Join In The Attack


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