Kim Anami Vaginal Weightlifter / Sexpert And Her Legendary Weight-Lifting Vagina

'Legendary' vagina weight-lifter commences European leg of world tour
She can lift a coconut with her vagina. That is all (Picture: Instagram)

Meet Kim Anami. She lifts weights with her vagina and she’s about to embark on the European leg of her world tour.
We have a feeling she never forgets to do her Kegel exercises!

The life and sex coach is infamous not only for her self-proclaimed ‘legendary’ vagina, but also for bringing the ancient art of vaginal kung fu to the masses.

She describes herself as a ‘Provocateur. Innovator. Illuminator. Catalyst. Quantum leap life and intimacy coach. Sexual muse. Liberation master. Pleasure savant’.

She counts being able to shoot ping pong balls from your vagina as ‘an essential life skill.’ In fact, she says, ‘it’s every woman’s god given right.’

The sex expert/vaginal weightlifter has embarked on a world tour, in which she — you guessed it! — lifts things with her vagina all over the globe.

She announced the campaign, appropriately named, “#ThingsILiftWithMyVagina,” on her Instagram.

“In celebration of this year’s salon, and to raise vaginal power — and pleasure — awareness globally, I have embarked on a new campaign: #ThingsILiftWithMyVagina,” she wrote. “This educational challenge features me traveling the world, lifting objects indigenous to various regions, with my vaginal adventures.”

And so far, she’s already well on her way — check out her stops so far!

#thingsiliftwithmyvagina Sunset with amethyst crystal, Venice Beach. The LA Series. Are you shining your inner light? Are you integrating your sexual energy into all that you do? Your sexual, life-force energy is your power source. It lights up everything that you do in the world. In a culture that separates sex from, well, life, it’s no surprise that people dissociate from their sexual organs. That dissociation manifests as body parts that, because they have been so disowned, end up being cut off. Literally. Wombs are removed, prostates taken out and breasts chopped off. Ah, if only we loved our body parts more. Maybe they’d stick around. The worst case scenario is people being so disconnected from their sexual organs that they shrivel away. The best case scenario is that you are so in tune with your sexuality and you love your genitals so much that they grow and shine. Breasts can grow. Penises can grow. Vaginas become strong and sentient. I’ve experienced it myself and seen it in my lovers. In fact, this light o’genitalia is what all spiritual leaders talk about when they try not to talk about sex. Surely, it’s what Marianne Williamson was talking about in her famous quote about shining your light: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. So let your light o’genitalia shine. #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #vaginalkungfu #lightogenitalia

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Kim has for the past five or six months been on a world tour where she lifts objects indigenous to the local area. For example, in Bali, she lifted coconuts, an array of tropical fruit, and a seashell.

#thingsiliftwithmyvagina The Bali Series. Mermaid Lifting Dragon Fruit with Vagina. “I must be a mermaid…I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” ~Anais Nin The deeper you go into the vagina, the more powerful the orgasm. The internal orgasms, like the G-Spot and cervix, are much more intense, pleasurable and cataclysmic. They leave you feeling reborn. Like a phoenix rising from the flames. They are possible for every woman. A strong and articulate vagina helps with that. And, well, the dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, is the most crazy/beautiful fruit–– I have ever seen in my life. High in Vitamin C and free radicals. It is known to heal bruises and wounds faster and boost immunity. Heh. Sounds like a vagina. For more info on strong and articulate vaginas and how you can get one, check out the link in the bio. #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #tropicalfruitsiliftwithmyvagina #vaginalkungfu #vaginalsuperpowers #vaginasheal

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In LA, she lifted a surfboard, gluten-free organic donuts, and cold-pressed juices.

Now, she is embarking on the European leg of her tour and she needs your help.

She wants suggestions for locations/backgrounds to be featured in lifting spots, along with indigenous items she might lift.

thingsiliftwithmyvagina The Bali Series Heliconia in archway. I love doorways and portals. I always had the intuitive sense that my sexuality was some kind of portal: a gateway to another dimension. I remember spending an isolated weekend holed up in my family’s summer cabin with my boyfriend, my first love. We never left the confines of that space. Having the entire weekend without any distractions gave us a chance to expose ourselves emotionally without holding back, which resulted in even more powerful and cataclysmic sex. He fucked me open—on every level. When I returned to work on the following Monday, I was carried by an energy and a lightness: I was smarter, wittier, happier, more compassionate, patient, and charming than I could ever remember being. People gravitated to me. Men lingered at my cubicle, finding excuses to talk to me. I had a clear answer for every problem that came my way, and I felt as though I fit in the flow of life. This is the essence of conscious, powerful sex: using our intimate connection to transform our lives. Fast forward almost twenty years from that first experience with moving sexual energy and now I can make love to my partner without even touching him. I can have an orgasm from the sound of his voice. I can feel his touch when he is on another continent. My sexual experiences have become so deep, so life-changing, that I’ve dedicated my life’s work to show others how the same is possible for them. And it is. They are possible for everyone. The 8-week Vaginal Kung Fu Salon begins on Thursday. Are you coming? Link in bio. #vaginalkungfu #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #vaginalsuperpowers

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In terms of backgrounds, she looks for spots which are architecturally beautiful and/or unique. Or, as she puts it, ‘make them pretty or witty, kids’.

You can follow Kim’s travels on Instagram – keep your eyes peeled from the start of June if you live in Barcelona and Venice as she has pinpointed those as her first destinations.

And to make a picture suggestion, just post an image of a location or object, tagging @kimanami and using the hashtag: #thingsiliftwithmyvagina – you’ve got until May 25.

The LA Series. #thingsiliftwithmyvagina And the Oscar goes to… My vagina. Best Supporting Vagina winner, for sure. I’m standing on Hollywood Boulevard, on the Walk of Fame. My vagina is hovering over the “star” of Hedy Lamarr. Some historical vagina for you: Hedy is the reason why most of you are even reading this right now. You could say she’s the most influential woman of our modern age. Not only was she touted in her day as being the “world’s most beautiful woman” by Louis B. Meyer, she had the first non-pornographic onscreen orgasm in the 1933 silent film “Ecstasy.” My kinda girl. It gets better. Tiring of acting, she took up inventing. Lamarr co-developed a frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology that is the basis for modern wifi communication. She registered the patent with her cofounder in 1942 and was inducted into the Inventor’s Hall of Fame in 2014. Beauty, brains, vagina. Even I’m impressed. #thingsiliftwithmyvagina #vaginalkungfu #vaginalsuperpowers #bestsupportingvagina #theoscargoesto #oscars

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If Kim lifts or features them, you’ll win complementary access to the next round of Vaginal Kung Fu so you too can become a vaginal kung fu master.

We’re thinking a shot of her lifting a high tea at the Ritz would be pretty special, no?

Vaginal Weightlifter

”This is me in Venice Beach, with my special new surfboard carrier: My vagina.” Courtesy of Instagram/@kimanami

Vaginal Weightlifter

“Yo! I lift weights with my vagina! At Muscle Beach in Venice, lifting with the Muscle Up Kings.” Courtesy of Instagram/@kimanami

Vaginal Weightlifter

“Breasts can grow. Penises can grow. Vaginas become strong and sentient. I’ve experienced it myself and I’ve seen it in my lovers.” Courtesy of Instagram/@kimanami

Vaginal Weightlifter

“These gluten-free, coconut-sugar sweetened, organic donuts — suspended from the depths of my vagina — are from Café Gratitude.” Courtesy of Instagram/@kimanami

Vaginal Weightlifter

“Lifting rambutans with my vagina. In the rice paddies. ‘Rambut’ is Indonesian for ‘hairy.’ This hot red fruit has little green hairs on the outside of it. Inside is a fleshy, sweet fruit. It all sounds like a sexual metaphor, doesn’t it?

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