Kim Jong-Un – ‘Silence Those Broadcasts Or Prepare For War’

Kim Jong-un has ordered his military to gear up amid growing tensions between North and South Korea.

The neighboring countries engaged in their most serious armed clash in over five years when they traded artillery fire on Thursday.

North Korea fired first in response to the condemning loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts being directed at them along the Demilitarized Zone. Provoked by the initial attack, South Korea retaliated, firing dozens of rounds across the Korean border.

I can’t see. Have they taken them down yet?

'Silence Those Broadcasts Or Prepare For War', Says Pyongyang
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South Korea started its provocative broadcasts on August 10 to protest the alleged North Korean landmines that wounded two of its soldiers in the DMZ earlier this month. North Korea denied the allegations, stating South Korea likely cooked the evidence. They also began blasting their own broadcast shortly after.

According to Reuters, Pyongyang sent a written letter to South Korea, offering an ultimatum – either silence the broadcasts, or prepare for war. Kim Jong-un has given his southern neighbors until 5 p.m. North Korean time Saturday – whatever that means – to take down its loudspeakers.

South Korean officials said they will continue the broadcasts despite looming hostility.

These are trying times in the Korean peninsula as Kim Jong-un moves to consolidate his regime. The North Korean leader, who made the decision at an emergency meeting of Pyongyang’s Central Military Commission (CMC), has dismissed nearly 60 percent of his senior military officials, and appears to be asserting himself in the face of South Korean opposition.

North Korea’s declaration of a quasi state of war also comes in the midst of the annual joint United States-South Korean military training operations that began Monday.

Kim Jong-Un – ‘Silence Those Broadcasts Or Prepare For War’


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How can it be news when it was the same shit when I was there in the 70’s.

Can we not just nuke them into dust and get it all over?

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