Kim Kardashian Shared A Picture Of Her Vagina To Sell Perfume

Have you been wondering lately what Kim Kardashian’s vagina looks like? Well, then you’re in luck — she’s just posted a pic of it on Instagram, in an ad for her perfume.

Kardashian tweeted the picture, along with the link to the website for her fragrance, KKW.

Even though Kim Kardashian is not known for being shy, this is still a pretty intimate picture. She’s sleek as a seal.

Even if just to point out that they think it’s non-news, people flocked to Twitter in droves to talk about Kim Kardashian’s vagina.

A few people were envious of the smoothness down there.

My guess is Photoshop. She probably did get laser hair removal on her whole body, too.

Some people didn’t think it was appropriate for a woman with a husband to pose naked for the internet.

Others just didn’t want to see it.

But some people were into it.

Others brought up the fact that she’s a mom.

Many people admired her amazing ability to give zero fucks what anyone might say about her.

Some people joked that the smell of “vagina” was going to be the actual scent. You know, mostly the typical fish jokes.

(Remember: “fanny” is British for vagina.)

Or maybe it’s perfume for one’s lady parts?

Or could it be the vagina was a freebie?

Others just wondered why she couldn’t just use a picture of a bottle of perfume.

People really have no problem expressing their opinions on the internet.

And then there are those, like us, who really just want to see what other people are saying about it.




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