Has The Kylie Jenner Sex Tape Finally Been Found? YBTJ


Kylie Jenner has been questioned about an X-rated video by one of her fans on Twitter.

The desperate exhibitionist regularly posts very scantily clad photos for her followers, but this sex tape would take it to the next level.

The sex tape, which is pretty bad quality, does resemble the youngest of the Kardashians with bleach blonde hair in what looks like cornrows, but she insisted ‘Lmao no that’s not me!!!’.

Kylie was quick to correct the guy who asked her…

After obviously receiving some backlash, Shakir tweeted:

A lot of her followers were shocked that she even entertained the idea and retweeted it.

The make-up mogul was at the centre of recent surgery rumours, questioning whether she had altered her jaw and cheeks.


At the end of the video, her face looks very warped, as if it had been digitally altered to look like Kylie…either that or she’s having a mad orgasm.

It actually looks pretty scary…


That family just love a sex tape scandal don’t they.

It’s like they just want the media attention…oh no, what have we done!?


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