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Lady Who Abused, Assaulted Transgender Woman On Subway Not Even Sorry

Lady Who Abused, Assaulted Transgender Woman On Subway Not Even Sorry

Sarah Eldridge not sorry she attacked transgender woman on subway

Last week, the story broke regarding a transgender woman named Pearl Love who filmed a woman verbally abusing her and assaulting her while riding the 4 train into Manhattan. After the incident went viral, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton posted a message of support on Love’s Facebook page among the thousands of other people who spoke out on Love’s behalf on social media.

Here’s video of the disturbing incident:

Despite the fact that she was basically filmed committing a hate crime, the woman in the video, Bronx resident Sarah Eldridge stands by her behavior. “Don’t judge me unless you know me,” Eldridge told PIX11.

She also made it clear that Love shouldn’t expect the apology to which she’s clearly entitled anytime soon.

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“I meant what I said. That person offended me in a way,” Eldridge said, regarding Love. “That person was, to me, explicit. To me, too much. To me, I couldn’t stand it. To me, this is not fair to me.”

In fact, Eldridge has the unmitigated gall to try and paint herself as the victim in this whole mess. “I’ve received death threats on Facebook, by several people, saying that they want to find me,” said Eldridge. “They want to kill me and I have deactivated my Facebook at this point. I’ve called police.”

Eldridge told the local news affiliate that she is reaching out to a mental health professional and pursuing therapy, which sounds good for her and everyone who has to come in contact with her.



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“Don’t judge me unless you know me,” it’s kind of hard not to.

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