Lady Has COMPLETE MELT DOWN About A Papa John’s Pizza


We’ve all had days like this. We order a pizza and a bunch of shitheads behind the counter who want $15-an-hour jobs can’t seem to fulfill a very simple request. Rage starts to boil within, leading to an outburst like this.

But, at the end of the day, nothing is life is worth getting this upset about. Not even a Papa John’s personal pizza with extra olives and pepperonis.

Side note: If you’re not familiar, this is the infamous LSU pizza girl from years ago. All this went down in good ole Baton Rouge.

Lady Has COMPLETE MELT DOWN About A Papa John’s Pizza

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5 replies on “Lady Has COMPLETE MELT DOWN About A Papa John’s Pizza”

Isn’t it amazing how stupidity in one person can quickly infect others.

Yup, but I think what’s the funniest about this is that apparently
she hasn’t changed at all … :/

Said it b4 sayin’ it again.. I really HATE these kind of people

This lady is a bitch! On the other side…I guarantee that is a PJ in a truck stop and the people that work there suck ass…they may even fucking with her just cause she WAS a bitch. Either way, the dude did a good job off holding his temper and acting like a real man

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