Funny. That’s pretty much the same way you could sum up my first relationship in college.

According to MSN, a man named Sergei in Daugavpils, Latvia, said he was recently “taken hostage” by a beaver during a late night stroll through the city streets.

Sergei said the beaver jumped out of the shadows and sunk its teeth into one of his legs. After a brief struggle, Sergei found himself pinned on his back by the rodent, and every time he would try to get up, the beaver would bite him.

Sergei said he managed to pull his cellphone out of his pocket and call the Latvian equivalent of 911, but thinking it was a prank call, they hung up on him. He then called a friend, who decided to help but only after “some convincing” that the situation was real.

beaver holds Latvian man hostage

However, that friend was pulled over for speeding on his way to help Sergei, and wouldn’t you know it, police didn’t buy the story that a man was speeding late at night because his friend was being held hostage by a beaver on the city streets, so they made Sergei’s pal take a breathalyzer test. He passed, and police eventually came to the conclusion that he was telling the truth.

Animal welfare officers were called to the scene, and the beaver eventually backed away from Sergei before escaping into the night. Sergei wound up needing 15 stitches in his leg and presumably a stiff drink.


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