Lawmaker Kills Himself After Woman’s Accusation

Lawmaker Kills Himself After Woman’s Accusation


A state lawmaker in Kentucky under investigation for allegedly molesting a teenager posted a farewell message on Facebook and shot himself Wednesday night, police say. Rep. Dan Johnson died in what the coroner says was a “probable suicide” after posting that the accusations were false and only God knows the truth, WDRB reports. Police, who were contacted after the message was posted, say Johnson shot himself on a bridge in Bullitt County, south of Louisville. On Monday, the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting published an investigation that included a 21-year-old woman’s allegation that Johnson, a married pastor, sexually assaulted her after a party in his church on New Year’s Eve 2012, when she was 17.

Johnson refused to step down Tuesday despite calls for his resignation from both Republican and Democratic leaders, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports. The 57-year-old said he had “compassion” for his accuser and was “sorrowful that she’s in this dark place in her life.” In his Facebook post, he said he loved God, his wife, his parents, and his five children, and spoke of having had PTSD since the 9/11 attacks. His loved ones should “blame no person, Satan is the accuser, so blame the devil himself,” he wrote. Kentucky Gov. Mark Bevin tweeted his condolences to Johnson’s family. “These are heavy days in Frankfort and in America,” he wrote. “May God indeed shed His grace on us all … We sure need it.”

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