This Lawyer And Her Wife Face Assault Charges After Going Psycho On Valet

Daily Mail – A lawyer and her wife have been accused of launching into a violent spree after a valet parked her Mercedes out of view.

After a few drinks, Amy and Barbara Witherite were leaving a restaurant when they started throwing punches at several people.

The incident was reportedly sparked when Amy’s Mercedes was no longer parked in front of the restaurant.

Both women are facing assault charges for allegedly punching and smashing a glass against a person’s face.

The incident kicked off on Saturday night when Amy allegedly told the valet: ‘Where the f**k is my car?’

Amy was ‘irate’ that her 2017 Mercedes S550, with a base price of $96,600, was no longer parked outside of the eatery.

Amy still wasn’t pleased and allegedly punched the man before smashing a glass against another man’s face, police said. 

Barbara, 56, got involved when she allegedly went up to a nearby witness. Saying ‘do you think that is funny?’, before punching and kicking him, according to police. 

At this point, a crowd attempted to intervene and the women crossed the street before allegedly continuing their punching spree, records show.

Barbara punched a woman and attempted to take her purse. She knocked the woman down and trying to prevent her from calling 911, police said.



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