Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Made A Bet As To How Many Models He Could Bang In Cannes


As if you weren’t already jealous enough of the life of one Leonardo DiCaprio now we get this story.

Dude is just hooking up with hot chicks so much that he reportedly is now making bets as to how many he can score with just for kicks.


Now, this story does come to us from the National Enquirer so take it with a grain of salt, but knowing what we know about about Leo it’s not really that hard to believe.[1]

Leonardo DiCaprio was a busy boy in Cannes recently – betting Tobey Maguire he could score with SIX Victoria’s Secret models a night in Cannes in a week – and he managed it!

Sex-obsessed Leo is on a girl bender as he continues to revel in the single life following his breakup last year with model Kelly Rohrbach. So, Leo decided to kick it up a notch at Cannes.

“He sleeps during the day typically and parties all night,” an insider told All the Buzz. “He figures the girls will be up for twosomes and threesomes to make his goal more practical. It is the talk of Cannes, as everyone knows what he’s up to! Like many famous men before him, Leo seems to have an addiction to more is better.”

91526, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Monday February 25, 2013. **EXCLUSIVE** Leonardo DiCaprio is joined by a group of bikini-clad women for a video shoot on a yacht in Los Angeles. **VIDEO AVAILABLE** Photograph: KVS/Gaz Shirley, © **FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE** **E-TABLET/IPAD & MOBILE PHONE APP PUBLISHING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL FEES** LOS ANGELES OFFICE: 1 310 822 0419 LONDON OFFICE: +44 208 090 4079

Looks like the “Pussy Posse” is still full effect, guys. Though I still can’t figure out how Tobey Maguire ever became a part of it.

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