Lesbian YouTuber Shows Her Gay Friend Her Vagina Because He’s Never Seen One

Lesbian YouTuber Shows Her Gay Friend Her Vagina Because He’s Never Seen One



The Internet is full of the weird and the wonderful, but is majorly dominated by the weird.

Every day is an education on the web, finding out things you never really thought you wanted to know – like, I bet you could find out the exact circumference of Rikishi’s arse if you looked hard enough.

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Discovering what a gay man thinks of vaginas after seeing one for the first time is one of those ‘I didn’t need to know it, but I’m glad I know it now’ kind of things.

Vlogger Arielle Scarcella decided she’d show her fellow YouTuber Riyadh K her lady garden, because he’d never feasted his eyes on one before.

He’s surprised at first, but eventually comes round to say that it’s ‘pretty’. He seems confused that he appreciates the aesthetic beauty of the honeypot, but is most definitely not the first person to be dumbfounded by the female genitalia.


It certainly makes sex ed slightly more interesting, but teachers probably couldn’t get away with it without appearing on the news and having several lawsuits filed against them.

The comment section for the video was littered with people debating the content, but anyone with half a brain quickly realised that it’s just a YouTube comment section – the most drab area of the Internet.

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