Lesbians Revealed Some Important Tips To Help Straight Guys Out In The Bedroom

if you’re going to take sex advice on how to please a woman from someone, who better to get said advice from than women who please women: lesbians!

Why we haven’t just been doing this the whole time, I have no idea.


Thankfully, the fine folks over at NetDoctor pulled together some of these tips from DIVA magazine’s resident sexpert Gemma Halsey and were nice enough to share them with everyone.

Tip #1: Ease into things…

Too many men are happy to assume that the very fact that sex is occurring should make you their female partner feel instantly aroused.

But women can’t be expected to be immediately up for it from the word go – it’s not like switching on a light. Stroking her between the legs and kissing her nipples might be the warm-up she loves and could put her more firmly on the road to orgasm.

Tip #2: Use your words…

“Communication is THE most important thing,” says Gemma. “I don’t just mean explaining everything you’re doing – ‘I’m gonna move to the left then insert two fingers’ – it’s about observing, adjusting, and verifying that what you’re doing works for her. ‘Is that okay?’ ‘How is that?’ Don’t be afraid to ask your partner and have her be honest with you.”

Tip #3: Take turns…


Sex between women can feel much more mutual, shared and reciprocated, rather than an exponential warm up to one person’s orgasm. This is partly to do with the fact that women often take turns at bringing a female partner to climax, focusing closely on the other’s pleasure.

Tip #4: Play with toys…

A happy by-product of this uninhibited intimacy is that sex toys are a much more open conversation point between lesbians. But women shouldn’t feel they can’t bring toys into heterosexual sex, especially if it’s going to help them orgasm, and men shouldn’t feel inferior in the presence of artificial appendages.

And one more thing to keep in mind…

Gemma’s final words of wisdom to women seeking sexual salvation are: “If you’re not getting off, don’t be afraid to say. It’s likely a problem with his performance, not yours.”

Now get on out there and have the best sex of your life! You can do it!


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