Clearly, a show that AMC wasn’t overly confident in at first, it says a lot that the first season of The Walking Dead only ran for 6 episodes. Despite that, the show was a pretty huge hit for the channel and at the time of this writing, the series will be returning with a 9th season in the coming weeks. Given how far the series has come since it first began, it is clear that producers have done a lot of things right but they are far from perfect.

On the air for many years at this point, once a viewer invests hour upon hour watching a series it affects the way they see the show. For instance, they are more likely to watch the show based out of habit alone and it becomes a whole lot easier to overlook issues that otherwise that would drive you nuts. Something that certainly seems to apply to many fans of this zombie show, that is why it is time to look at 20 things wrong with The Walking Dead we all choose to ignore.

In order for something about The Walking Dead to be considered for this list, it first and foremost needs to have a negative effect on the show in one way or another. Of course, everyone has their own tastes so there are bound to be some viewers that would not view these aspects of the show in such a negative light. However, considering critical reactions, the ratings downturn, and online conversation, it is safe to say that most viewers would agree that everything listed here is an issue for the show.


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Over the entirety of The Walking Dead’s run, audiences have seen the survivors at the core of the show travel extensively and they’ve settled in one place after another. On top of that, they also have found themselves forced to battle a series of different villainous groups. Given all of these events, it is abundantly clear that a significant amount of time has passed since zombies first took the world by storm. Given that fact, by this point in the series, there is something else that should have taken over much of the world, vegetation. At the very least, most places should have incredibly overgrown grass without someone there to cut it back.


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Already a long-running show at this point, despite that fact, it seems like a very good bet that when people envision the series there are a select few things that come to mind. For instance, you may picture a zombie hoard, one of the places the group lived for a while, or them either traveling down a highway or railroad track. When thinking about any of those scenarios, there are 2 main options, it is nighttime or a sunny day that looks like it would be a dry heat. That is because the weather almost never changes in the world of The Walking Dead so by now most bodies of water should have dried up given the long-lasting droughts.


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There are 2 key factors when it comes to people losing weight, their diet and exercise routines. With that in mind, someone like Eugene should have dropped down significantly in size. After all, the group sometimes relies on crops which are mostly healthy and when they use processed food, the supplies are very limited. When it comes to the other side of the weight loss equation, the show’s characters have to hoard gasoline so they need to travel by foot more often than not, which is great exercise. In fact, at this point, the show pretty much has to follow in the footsteps of Lost and explain that certain characters have a personal food supply they’ve hidden.


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The most memorable thing to happen during The Walking Dead’s first season is when Rick ends up in a tank surrounded by zombies. Able to escape his predicament with some help, it is a pulse pounding moment in a show that to that point had largely been focused on worldbuilding. With all of that in mind, you may be wondering to yourself, how could the whole Rick and the tank thing be problematic? The answer is a very simple one, the show chose to put Rick Grimes in a tank at at no point was he allowed to use it to take out a slew of zombies. If that isn’t a missed opportunity, then what is?


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As we’ve already touched on during this list, at this point in The Walking Dead a lot of time has passed by since the dawn of the zombie apocalypse. A world event that only a limited amount of people were able to survive, new groups pop up in the series from time to time but the fact remains that very few human beings are still around. Given that so few people have survived and zombies move slow enough that capturing animals would be rare, their food supply would be limited at very best. When you add that together with them likely decaying naturally in their state, it makes no sense that the show’s zombies look so intact.


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Introduced during a time period in which the gang seemed to have found some semblance of peace, the perceived security provided by living in a prison could not keep diseases at bay. In fact, their new living space’s limited space, dedicated water supply, and surrounding woods provided the perfect petri dish for a disease like influenza. However, once it took hold in the group, a few largely inconsequential characters fell ill and then they were able to beat the flu back very quickly and with relative ease. Considering that in the past, millions of people met their untimely demise because of the disease and medicine is in limited supply, this storyline should have been much more devastating.


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In most cases, if a living being finds themselves in a situation in which they are surrounded by zombies it means that they are about to meet an awful end. However, over the span of the show, there have been a few instances in which someone has actively walked into a zombie hoard and come out alive by draping themselves in walker guts. Obviously, an experience that would be gross to say the very least, most people would probably do their best to avoid it whenever possible. That said, zombies seem to pop up out of nowhere all the time and the group often is distracted so they should be covered in walker whenever they go into battle.


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Someone that comes across like a natural-born leader, Rick’s role in the group makes sense to a certain degree given how sure of his actions he is most of the time. However, based on the track record of the group under Rick’s leadership, he should have been removed from his position long ago. After all, he should be most focused on keeping his people alive and the survival rate for those in his group is downright abysmal. Sure, in some cases, people were taken out because they balked at his leadership. However, it seems like every time a new threat pops up he is caught flat-footed and people pass away, even though he should be prepared for anything at this point.


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There are certain things about the zombies in The Walking Dead that have remained consistent, like the slow pace of their movement and their never ending desire for food. However, when it comes to the other things they are capable of, it is obvious that the show’s writers cater their abilities to whatever story they want to tell at the time. Most galling when it comes to how strong the zombies are, it really is amazing how widely this aspect of the creatures varies from one episode to another. For example, one time a zombie almost overpowered Tyrese, a man that obviously can handle himself, yet Carl has been able to escape their clutches in the past as well.


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A show that has needed to introduce new characters at great regularity, since so many people have met their untimely demise others need to take their place. Potentially a huge opportunity to refresh the show’s cast and create several interesting characters, far too often these people are surface deep and clearly are not meant to stick around long. For instance, even if you are an avid fan of the series it may be hard to remember obvious zombie fodder characters like Benjamin, Olivia, Nicholas, David, and many others. Heck, even someone like Bob seemed to be marked from his first seconds on screen and that turned out to be the case even if it came about in an interesting way.


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Alright, alright, everyone knows that you don’t turn into The Walking Dead if you are in the mood to laugh. However, at various times in the past, the show has been fun to watch either because it is awesome to see the group’s core members kick butt or due to the connections they forged between them. However, in recent seasons, the show has been stripped of most of those elements and has become a depressing slog. Especially true since Negan joined the series, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of that character has been amazing, but his cruelty has made watching the show a tragic experience. Heck, even when the group was able to fight back against him it largely felt anticlimactic.


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We get it, finding yourself forced to constantly fight for your very survival as zombies walk the Earth would be an experience that would change most people. However, when it comes to The Walking Dead, there really is no excuse for the fact that character’s moral compasses vary wildly based on the needs of any given episode’s story. For instance, it was interesting that the show tried to humanize both The Governor and Negan but it made no sense when both of them seemed to grow a softer side afterwards. After all, in both cases, they were in a fierce battle with Rick and the group at the time which should have been motivation for them to embrace the more vicious side of their natures.


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Let’s face facts, the truth of the matter is that The Walking Dead has featured far too many characters that were severely annoying. Keep in mind, we are not talking about characters that audiences rooted against because they were a clear danger to show’s main figures. Instead, we are talking about those people who are so frustrating that they inspire viewers to regularly roll their eyes. Probably the best example, Andrea was ok in the start but by the time she became involved with The Governor her whining and self-centered ways were incredibly hard to take. Far from the only example, there are others like Lori, Spencer, Gabriel, Ed, Nicholas, Jessie, and her son Ron,


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A show that is based around a group of survivors trying to make their way in the world after the zombie apocalypse, at times The Walking Dead shows those creatures to be highly dangerous. For instance, the series pulls no punches and has no problem showing beloved characters in agony as they fall victim to a zombie hoard. On top of that, we have to give the show credit for its decision to show fellow human beings as the greatest threat to the group. However, if you are going to create a zombie show and make it obvious that the creatures are in no danger of disappearing anytime soon, you’d better give the audience some walker action to enjoy.


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At one time The Walking Dead was a series that was chocked full of characters the audience had invested in, at this point that list is shockingly short. In fact, given the fact that season 8 seems to have set up a major betrayal, even characters like Daryl and Maggie have lost some of their luster. Even if you still love them, however, the only other likeable characters people may like are Rick, who is confirmed to be leaving the show, Michonne, Carol, Ezekial, Rosita, Jesus, and Tara. That may seem like a long list but many of those people play a supporting role in the show and have many detractors of their own.


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A story that children all over the world learn as they grow up, The Boy That Cried Wolf teaches us the dangers of lying and even exaggeration. They may not openly lie to their audience but the people behind The Walking Dead have a well-documented history of building a storyline up like it is going to be a big deal only to have it fizzle out. A trend that makes audiences check out until they know a storyline is going somewhere, they don’t want to invest in something that isn’t going to matter. After all, they probably felt stupid when they thought things like the introduction of the flu, The Wolves, The Andersons, and Slabtown were going to matter.


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From one entry focused on the people behind The Walking Dead misleading their audience to another, sometimes they seem to think they are being cleaver but the results are awful. The kind of thing that has happened far too often, there are many examples of the show making viewers think a character has passed away only to reveal that wasn’t the case. The most egregious example of this, the time that Glenn seemed to become a zombie meal after falling off a dumpster only to be shown alive and well, later on, was just plain infuriating. Speaking of him, it was just as bad when they made viewers think he was going to survive Negan only to go the other way.


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One of the more common complaints when it comes to subpar TV, other current shows, like the Netflix Marvel shows, are rightfully accused of making storylines last far too long. However, just because it is a common problem does not mean that it isn’t a really big one for whatever show suffers from it. Arguably the most successful recent series that habitually drags things out, The Walking Deadconstantly throws in unnecessary distractions to artificially pad out a storyline. The epitome of this, fans were shocked when Sophia came out of the barn but it was not worth constantly featuring boring scenes of characters walking around the forest looking for her prior to that.


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“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” is a quote that often is wrongly attributed to Albert Einstein. However, no matter who said it first, the people behind The Walking Dead really need to learn this lesion since the show constantly goes down the same path. It introduces a villainous group like The Saviours, The Wolves, or The Governor’s Militia and then they prove they are a threat by taking out some people. From there, Rick and his closest allies bide their time, unsuccessfully fight back a couple of times, and then make their final assault that destroys their enemies before moving to a new locale.

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