Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Causes Nude Fiasco At Wedding

According to Page Six, Linday Lohan, a woman with a noted history of substance abuse and repeat rehab stays, claims that she was “slipped a mickey” before reportedly engaging in naked shenanigans at the wedding of model Lana Zakocela and Justin Etzin, consul general and ambassador of tourism for the Seychelles. in Florence, Italy.

This started off a little sketchy with Lohan apparently acting erratic at the ceremony, where a source reported that Lohan was painting her nails. During a DJ event during her stay, things reportedly got even weirder with Lohan putting on a fake British accent to confront a person she believed took her picture.

“She kept playing Brandy’s ‘The Boy Is Mine,’” the source told the gossip column. Can’t fault the girl for having good taste.

However, Lohan allgedly outdid herself when she left the reception early and retired to her lavish accommodations.

“She’d gone back to her villa and was running around naked saying she was drugged,” said the source.

She was drugged. Right. Because there’s no way a substance could have gotten into Lohan of her own volition.

Perhaps her greatest offense, though, was pulling a Kelly Kapoor and trying to upstage the bride by wearing a white dress to her wedding. Manners, LiLo. Jeez.

A rep for the groom denied these claims when Page Six reached out for comment. Congrats to the couple, regardless!

[Page Six | Image: @lindsaylohan]

Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Causes Nude Fiasco At Wedding


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Leave it to a slut like Lohan to make someone else’s day all about her.

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