These Lingerie Models Really Want Folks In Russia To Vote For Putin

These Lingerie Models Really Want Folks In Russia To Vote For Putin

While here in America there are various ways that people, especially younger people, are encouraged to vote, it looks like in Russia decided to use lingerie models in order to get people to the polls! Well, at least the Russian version of Maxim has decided to take this route.

Sure, Putin is expected to be voted in for another term, since he has plenty left to do against America, Russia’s Maxim understands that it’s all about sex with folks, so they just gathered a bunch of attractive models to pose near a voting booth, and what seems to be an election committee table. The video also display the following captions:

“Welcome to the adult world.”

“What happens in the booth, stays in the booth.”

“Are you 18 or older?”

Strong script. Check out the video below:

Maxim even introduced a set of stickers to its group “Adult Only” on the Russian social network VK. These stickets feature a sexy ‘Election Girl’ who encourages folks to give her “your vote.”

Alexander Malenkov, Russia’s Maxim editor in chief, confirmed the magazine was promoting the presidential election as part of a “special business project” for an unknown client with financial remuneration that has not been revealed. Malenkov also admited that while it looked “a bit absurd,” it was “one of numerous compromises” he had to make.

Translation: Putin has forced me to do this or else…


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