Lip Readers Study Conversation Between Kim Jong Un And Moon Jae-In

Lip Readers Study Conversation Between Kim Jong Un And Moon Jae-In

After the historic summit between North and South Korea the other day, lip readers have been trying to work out what was said during the conversations between leaders Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in.


The two leaders took a private walk together on a bridge after Mr Kim crossed through the checkpoints to South Korea and analysts have been scouring the video footage to see what was said.

According to the Mail, the talks – as you might imagine – turned to nuclear weapons, and Donald Trump. The North’s nuclear programme is the largest issue on the table for the peace talks, with many keen to see a denuclearised North Korea.

Donald Trump and Mr Kim have exchanged insults from across the globe about the latter’s missile tests, so it would seem obvious that this might be on the agenda.

As reported by the Washington Post, the Japanese TV show Sukkiri stated: “It was difficult to understand the whole conversation, but fragmentary keywords like ‘nuclear weapons facility’, ‘Trump’, ‘United States’ and ‘United Nations’ emerged.”

South Korea’s President Moon came out with some encouraging statements, such as: “Let’s not keep our relations cut off, let’s talk more and move in a positive direction.”

President Kim also seemed upbeat about talks. He even spoke about a future meeting with the USA President. He said: “The North Korea-US summit must yield positive results and I want to take things step by step to eliminate any problems,”

At one point it appeared as if President Kim asked President Moon what he thought Donald Trump wanted to get out of their meeting.

He also seems to have talked about the potential distrust that the United States has with regards to North Korea’s pledge to scale back and eventually end their mission to become a nuclear power.


It wasn’t all about business though. The two also spoke about their wives. President Moon’s wife co-incidentally has the same name as President Kim’s grandmother, Kim Jung-Sook.

Mr Kim spoke about some words of wisdom that his father, former North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il, gave to him upon seeing the woman who would become North Korea’s first lady, President Kim’s wife Ri Sol-ju.

Kim told his South Korean counterpart: “Father looked at me and told me to marry that woman, so I trusted him.”

Ri Sol-ju has accompanied her husband to the summit and has become somewhat of a celebrity (despite already being a popular singer in her homeland) thanks to her fashion sense as well as her new found friendship with the South Korean first lady.

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