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Little Girl Rushed To Hospital After Being Hit By 105MPH Foul Ball At Yankee Stadium

Little Girl Rushed To Hospital After Being Hit By 105MPH Foul Ball At Yankee Stadium

Todd Frazier says he’s found some relief after speaking to the family of the girl hospitalized after being hit in the face by a 105mph foul ball during a baseball game Wednesday, the New York Times reports. The New York Yankees player says he spoke to the girl’s father Thursday. “He said she’s doing OK,” the New York Daily News quotes Frazier as saying Friday night. “We didn’t really get much into details about it. I didn’t want to cross any boundaries … But he said she’s doing well.” Frazier says the girl’s father told him the family understands it was a “freak accident” and not his fault. The player says he plans to call the family daily to check on the girl and hopefully meet the family in person at some point.

Frazier says the family hopes the girl will be out of the hospital in a few days, but details on her injuries and condition are few. The New York Post, citing an anonymous relative, reports the girl will need a long time to fully recover. “It’s going to be a long process,” the unnamed relative says. Following Wednesday’s accident, which left multiple players in tears, a number of MLB teams announced plans to extend safety netting in their stadiums. While the league won’t mandate extra netting, commissioner Rob Manfred says it will step up its efforts to increase netting. Despite a push from Frazier and other Yankees players, the team says it will not be adding extra netting until next season, if at all.

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