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Little League Baseball Coach Giving Kids A Hard-Nosed Pep Talk

Little League Baseball Coach Giving Kids A Hard-Nosed Pep Talk

Some may say that kids today are pampered and coddled too much. They’ll say, “As long as you tried your best” or “As long as you had fun.” Telling kids everything is hunky-dory as long as they “try their best” gives kids an excuse to not strive to be the all that they can be. This coach understands that winning at all costs is the name of the game and that you don’t deserve a trophy just for participating.

Before a big championship game, this honest and plain-speaking Little League coach gives his team an impassioned pep talk. The video of the speech has gone viral as of late, and for good reason.

Coach asks his players what the team’s goal is when they step on the field. One player responds, “To do your bestest.” The coach disappointedly retorts, “Not even close.”

The coach lays out the team’s goals:

“Our goals are to hit dingers, disgrace the pitcher’s family, make the other players cry, and stomp their butts into the ground.”

All the kids explode into laughter because the coach said, “butts.” Who wouldn’t at 9-years-old.

Coach explains that there are two types of people in this world, winners and losers.

“And if your dad has said, ‘Oh, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose just as long as you have fun.’ Well I hate to say it, but your dad is a loser.”

I want to impregnate a woman immediately just so my son can be coached by this modern-day Vince Lombardi.

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