Live Frog Cocktail Chugging In China

Live Frog Cocktail Chugging In China


The man, in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, on April 3, swallows the lot. The reason is unknown.
Toad-ally disgusting! Jaw-dropping moment a man downs a jar of water with live fish, tadpoles and FROGS swimming inside.
People drink all sorts of bizarre things these days: cayenne pepper and hot water, dissolved charcoal plus all manner of protein charged concoctions.
Yes, we’re pretty good at trying out new things, but very few could muster a thirst for live reptile water.
You heard me. That’s water with fish, frogs and tadpoles inside – and a Chinese man has been filmed glugging the lot.
Disturbing footage shows the man in Shenyang, Liaoning Province chatting excitedly as he ogles his refreshing beverage.
Inside the large glass swims an assortment of underwater critters.
He makes sure we get a real close-up of the gang – should we doubt the authenticity of the feat.
‘Let’s have a heroic challenge,’ he tells his viewers. ‘One frog, two frogs, three frogs, plus a catfish, tadpoles… Look how big they are. Did you see? Let’s do this.’
And he does.
He tips the jar towards his mouth and begins to drink.
Some water splashes out as he slugs but as the container begins to run dry with just the amphibians left you cannot help but think – ‘Well he’ll obviously stop now, surely he won’t consume the living things too?’
The creatures slide into his mouth and down his throat.
After a stomach-churningly large swallow he breathes out open-mouthed, thoroughly chuffed with his success and gives a thumbs up to the camera.
He’d previously shown off about he wasn’t ill before he enjoyed the beverage – you may well be now, mate.
However some online commentators have pointed out the cruel side to the feat given the creatures are still very much alive.

And this is how he became a princess.

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