Logan Paul Teases Comeback With Controversial New Video –

Disgraced YouTuber blogger Logan Paul has hinted at a ‘comeback’ in possibly the most arrogant way.

Last year, he posted a video of him and his ‘crew’ making light of suicide, even showing the body of man in the clip.

He then issued a video apology and posted another clip claiming he wanted to ‘raise awareness’ of mental health. Okay.

After all that, he ‘took time off to reflect’. That was on January 4 and his hiatus has lasted around just one month, it seems.

Why’s that? Because he’s hinted at his comeback in a video in which he seems to depict himself as some sort of Jesus-like character.

In the 25-second clip titled ‘The Return’, Logan is seen crawling out of a cave, looking unshaven, as if he’s been hiding away for some time.

And it’s all quite arrogant.

In movie trailer style, a voice-over says:

One man, well, boy…one boy, who is also a giant chatch, the legend, the myth, the maverick.

Maverick, presumably because of his clothing brand.

With the exception of hardcore fans and followers, it didn’t go down all that well.

Paul had been quiet for most of January, but as soon as it hit February 1, he was back.

In an exclusive interview with Good Morning America, he made more remarks about raising awareness and people needing to talk and all that.

Here’s a clip:

Of course, as I mentioned, some people were more than happy to hear of his ‘comeback’.

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