LOL, Justin Bieber Fell HARD On Stage AGAIN While Performing One Of His Concerts


In what is becoming a semi-weekly occurrence as of late, Justin Bieber took another HARD fall while performing during his concert tour. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy either.

While performing in the Jacksonville stop on his Purpose Tour, Bieber once again took a massive digger on stage. Only this time instead of falling through a trap door it was some water on stage that was to blame.

The best part this time, however, might have been when his backup dancers, rather than help him up, decided to just kick water on him. (I’m sure they were just kidding, right?)

And just because we can NEVER get enough of Justin Bieber busting his ass while performing here’s his spill in Saskatoon, Canada a couple of weeks ago…

Love it.

Source      I Am Bored

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