London Is Apparently The Least Friendliest Place In The UK

A lot of people who live outside of London seem to have a problem with it. It seems that the capital’s public transport, extortionate prices, busy roads and general commotion just isn’t suited to small town folk who love the fact they can get a bus to the pub to have a few pints for less than a tenner.

And fair enough – you don’t really want to have to get in a round for four people and then end the night there because you have no money left. It’s not on.

All these complaints seem to be justified, too, as London is apparently the most unfriendly place in England.

Provident Personal Credit conducted a survey in order to find the cleanest, safest and most trustworthy areas in the country, asking 2,642 people to rate on a scale of 1-10 on how they felt within their community, according to Metro.

Due to the fact it’s the capital and literally never sleeps and is overwhelmingly big, London was never going to come off as the most friendly place in the country, was it? No one has time for you there, it’s as if everyone is running late.

Residents had to comment on things like how clean their area is, as well as how safe, welcoming, friendly and gossipy it is. Sounds a bit like a comparison of Coronation Street and Eastenders, if I’m honest.

Overall London scored 6.44 out of 10, which is pretty awful compared to York, which turned out to be the friendliest place scoring 7.47.

Surrounding London were other southern locations such as Oxford, Portsmouth and Chelmsford, whereas York was followed by Gloucester and Swansea.

What’s even worse, Londoners, is that late last year the city was officially dethroned as the cocaine capital of Europe. Can’t catch a break, can ya?

Dethroning England’s capital was Antwerp, in Belgium, with the result being discovered by an EU drug monitoring agency.

The agency found that the average daily concentration of cocaine in Antwerp’s sewer water was 914.8mg per 1,000 people a day, according to the Guardian.

Clearly the introduction of the new plastic fivers has stunted Londoners’ cocaine intake, an issue that’ll be tripled once the new tenners and £20 notes roll out.

The Belgian city only just edged out London, which had a reported 894.9mg of blow in its sewerage per 1,000 people per day, which isn’t a statistic to turn your nose up at.



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