Bored BRAWL Fights VIDEO




Two girls were recorded fighting on a 256 bus to Finsbury Park after it paused at a bus stop in Ridley Road, Dalston. The dramatic video shows the girls, one of which is dressed in school uniform, pulling each other’s hair and wrestling one another before two bus drivers break up the fight. The footage begins showing a girl in a green jacket shouting at the two women, who are embroiled in their spat, as two other female passengers board the bus. One of the female passengers is seen pushing the green jacket girl off the bus and telling her to ‘Get off the bus’ and ‘Stop it’.


But the girl defies her and jumps back on the bus and starts hitting one of the girls, who are both screaming at each other. Meanwhile a teenager in a pink hoody is seen grabbing the schoolgirl by her fur hood and swinging her from side to side before the pair fall over on to a luggage rack.


The schoolgirl then wrestles with the other teenager. At one point a male passenger is seen fleeing the bus for his own safety.

Shocking footage of a brawl which broke out on a London bus has emerged.


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