Look At This Damn Sasquatch A Guy In Maryland Thinks He Spotted

sasquatch-maryland[1]No, not that one. That would be fucking unbelievable, especially because Maryland doesn’t have terrain like that. Or Sasquatches that big.

I’m talking about this one, sent into the Washington City Paper by Jeremy.


sasquatch-md[1]Damn. That looks like … a thing.

Is it a bear? A human in a bear suit? Jeremy insists it is the Yeti itself.

“I saw what I thought was a bear and so I pulled over to take some pictures,” he says. But when Jeremy got a closer look, he noticed the animal, which he estimates was about six or seven feet tall, was walking on two legs. “Bears usually walk on all four feet. I know they can walk on two, but he was wading through water in two feet, which I thought was strange.”

“I’ve driven by there hundreds of times and have never seen anything like it. I doubt I’ll ever see something like this again.”

At no point did the animal walk on four legs, which made Jeremy think, huh, this might be Sasquatch.

The spotting occurred at the Patuxent Research Refuge in Laurel, which, according to the City Paper, has been home to two other Sasquatch sightings.

What do you think? Mythical beast or no?

Maybe we should add it  to our
Top 20 Most Believable BigFoot Encounters post… just sayin’.



[Images via Washington City Paper]
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