Louisiana Couple Arrested For Having Sex At Burger King And Walmart, Uploading It On PornHub



Now that’s one dedicated couple.

This is just another story of countless others that we’ve come across that puts the spotlight on couples having sex out in public. And the reason for this is because people just enjoy doing that. But people should know that it isn’t exactly legal. And one couple learned that the hard way.

A 33-year-old woman named Elizabeth Jernigan and her 35-year-old husband named Rex were recently arrested after it was discovered they had been having sex in multiple public places including Burger King, Walmart, the mall and a public library. Oh, and then they would go right ahead and upload it on PornHub.


Photos: Houma Police Department

The couple was busted after police were given a heads up of “lewd activity” occurring at a public library. Yeah, that’s not legal.

Daily Mail

Authorities say the Jernigans recorded themselves having sex in the library and then uploaded the video to pornography website PornHub.

The Jernigans were charged with six counts of obscenity after police say the couple had intercourse ‘in various other businesses throughout the City of Houma and Terrebonne Parish’ over the course of several months. On the duo’s account, videos show Elizabeth exposing herself and masturbating inside places of business including the Southland Mall in Houma, a local Walmart, and a Burger King.

In the video filmed in the public library, Elizabeth is seen performing oral sex on her husband in front of a periodicals rack. Houma Police obtained several of the videos, which have been secured as evidence.

And it doesn’t end there. According to The Smoking Gun, after being released on bail, Rex posted the news of their arrest on their PornHub page.

“To all my friends and follwers [sic], the wife and i just recently bailed out of jail for our public videos we posted on pornhub, hopefully soon we’ll get to post a new video soon.”



Clearly a solid citizen.

Oh, and this is his wife’s page if you’re completely curious.


Screenshot: PornHub

These idiots even have a GoFundMe page in order to raise money, but so far they’ve only raised $5, which might be enough for a box of condoms. So there’s that.


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