Lunatic Arrested After Wearing Clown Mask And Taping Machete To Amputated Arm

Lunatic Arrested After Wearing Clown Mask And Taping Machete To Amputated Arm

You, of course, remember all those stories of about people dressing up as clowns to scare the shit out of people, right? How could you forget? Some of them got what was coming to them, others continued to be assholes and frighten people. Seems like one guy up in Maine took it up a notch and used his nub as a handy prop.

 A guy named Corey Berry decided to have what he considered fun the other day. Corey started out his day by getting drunk — I know, sounds like a good time. But in his drunken debauchery he thought dressing up like a creepy clown was a good idea. Oh, did I mention he’s an amputee and secured a machete to where his hand used to be? Yeah, he did that.


And the reason for Corey’s clown outing? He wanted to continue those stupid killer clown pranks we mentioned. Idiot.

N.Y. Post:

Police say Berry was first spotted in Hollis but then fled into the woods. He was taken into custody after re-emerging in Waterboro. Police say Berry was intoxicated but cooperative. He told officers that he was copying previous clown sightings as a prank.

Good news, everyone: he posted $200 bail and he’s free to be an asshat clown again but DON’T WORRY I’M SURE HE LEARNED HIS LESSON! And here he is without the clown outfit.

Can we bring an end to the stupid clown thing?

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