Lynch Mob Drags Woman From Cell And Throws Her On Bonfire [GRAPHIC]

WARNING: Graphic Footage

The horrific moment a mob lynched a woman and threw her onto a bonfire has been captured on film. 

An angry mob descended upon a woman being held on suspicion of an arson attack, killing a two-year-old boy and dealt with their fury in the most atrocious of ways.

The 30-year-old woman was being held in police cells in Novo Aripuana, Brazil, after she was suspected of being involved in a deliberate blaze, the Mirror reports.

According to reports, seven people were inside the targeted house, but despite the fact she hadn’t yet been questioned, the mob were furious at the death of the young child.

Enraged, the gang of roughly 500 people launched themselves at the police station, broke into her cell and pulled her out to the street.

In a frenzied attack, they set cars outside on fire to make a bonfire and dragged her by her hair into the raging embers.

Police called for military back-up to contain the mob before rescuing the woman from them.

Amazonas Civil Police said:

Police reinforcement arrived following the events of this Tuesday.

The Civil Police requested reinforcements from the Military Police Command (CPM), which sent a troop of full military police in Borba, a municipality 151 km away from the capital, and eight other police officers of the Command Special Police (CPE) of Manaus, by means of a chartered aircraft.

On Wednesday members of the Special Rescue and Assault Task Force (Fera) and an expert from the Institute of Criminalistics (IC) began an investigation into the event.

Here’s the full version of the shocking video but be warned as it contains graphic content:

The woman has since been taken to hospital to treat her burns inflicted by this vicious assault.

Police have confirmed she will then be taken to a secret location to commence questioning and are appealing for information regarding the crime against their suspect.

Regardless of whether this woman was guilty of the arson attack, it is an appalling way to deal with the situation.

Hopefully she will make a full recovery and will be questioned fairly for the crimes she’s suspected of being involved with.