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‘Macabre’ Tattoo Key To Solving Woman’s Murder

‘Macabre’ Tattoo Key To Solving Woman’s Murder



Spanish police had not yet identified the date a 20-year-old woman had been murdered in her apartment in Freyung, Germany—until they noticed her boyfriend had tattooed a date of death on his arm, along with the woman’s name, reports the BBC. Thanks to that apparent clue, authorities now say Dominik Riedl slit his girlfriend’s throat on Oct. 27 and stuffed her body in trash bags before fleeing with their 18-month-old son and the woman’s cellphone, which he used to update her social media accounts, reports AFP. The woman’s mother found her daughter’s dead body about three weeks later.


By that time, Riedl had fled the country, according to police, which sparked a Europe-wide manhunt after a selfie of Riedl at the Eiffel Tower appeared on his girlfriend’s Facebook page, reports the Mirror. Police eventually tracked Riedl to a hotel in Lloret de Mar, Spain, which police say was a pit stop, as Riedl had planned to reach North Africa. On his arm, authorities found a “macabre” tattoo of his girlfriend’s birth and death dates, along with the Spanish phrase “Gracias por todo,” which translates to “Thanks for everything.” Riedl is awaiting extradition to Germany, while his son will be placed with social services.

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