Did Madonna Bare Way Too Much At The Met Gala?

Did Madonna Bare Way Too Much At The Met Gala?

Madonna defends Met Gala outfit

On Monday night, Madonna bared her butt and breasts in a black lace Givenchy outfit for the Met Gala.

There are those who think Madonna should stop acting like Madonna simply because the singer is now 57 instead of 27. Those people decided to be proactive about their age-shaming by letting Madge know directly on her Instagram feed by commenting that she looked trashy and suggesting that she was showing “a little too much skin”?

1066961-11-20160503060533Madonna proved once again that pants are optional as she bared her butt cheeks and most of her breasts on the red carpet of the Met Gala on Monday. Surprisingly, the little clothing she did wear made it “hard to pee,” she told People.




After seeing this latest appearance, the “Material Girl” appears to think she is still 22. At her age she should maybe think about being less “cutting edge fashion trendy” and move more toward the “I’ll wear this pretty dress that covers up my wrinkly ass” mindset. YBTJ and let eveyone know what you think in the comments.


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