Madonna Is Nearly Unrecognizable In Nude Instagram Photo


Buckle in! There’s a lot to unpack in this one.

Madonna posted a nude selfie on Instagram Thursday, attempting to block her topless torso with a black scribble. However, the self-censorship didn’t really work as her nipples are still quite visible in the surprising snapshot.

But while the nude image did attract some eyes, it was the star’s face that left even devoted fans taken aback: Madonna face is nearly unrecognizable as she shows off a noticeably fuller pout.

Some fans had positive reactions: “I wish I could see how ‘gorgeous’ [others] are to be criticizing a 59 year old woman who is an icon!” one wrote, while another countered, “It’s ok to be a fan and also say she needs to quit f–king with her face.”

Also half-blocking Madonna’s chest is a Louis Vuitton handbag featuring an image of the Mona Lisa, which she wrote she’s “drooling over.” She capped off her very unexpected look with a set of beaded necklaces.

Minutes later, she posted an old snapshot from the 1980s of herself with actress friend Debi Mazar, reflecting on when the two “could not afford handbags! Lol!”


A day later she decided to get drunk at a twelve year olds birthday party.

Mercy James Party Part 2!!! ????????????? #parentingskills

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“You’re a mess” is about right


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